When you have a lot of connectors to polish, The MCP 48 is for you.

The MCP 48 from Nanometer Technologies is a powerhouse fiber optic polisher for high quality single mode polishing. The MCP 48 sets the standard for multi connector polishing with the ability to polish up to 60 connectors at once.

This is the ideal polisher for large cable assembly production.

The MCP 48 can polish a wide range of connectors and accommodates a full range of industry standard polishing styles including PC, UPC, 8 DEG APC, 10 DEG APC, FLAT, SPHERICAL, RADIUS, & DOMED.

The MCP 48 can also polish a wide variety of ferrule material including ceramic, glass, stainless steel, and plastic.

MCP 48 - Mass Connector Polisher
figure 8 polishing

Perfect Figure 8 Polishing:

The MCP 48 utilizes our latest patented 'Perfect Figure 8' polishing technology to ensure a superior end-face geometry. This allows you to easily polish to Telecordia (BELLCORE/IE) specifications with a 93% or better first pass yield.

Universal Fixture Plate:

The Universal Polishing Plate is one of the best fixture plates on the market today. With this single fixture alone you can polish FC, SC,ST, ESCON, FDDI, DIN, and most 2.5mm ferrule connectors.

Our UNI-60 Universal Polishing Fixture Plate has the highest connector count in the industry. The UNI-60 will polish 60 connectors at one time.

The UNI Fixture Plates are easy to use and are very low in maintenance. These fixture plates require no calibration and are ready to go out of the box.

UNI-48 Fixture Plate
UNI-60 Fixture Plate

polishing Film Comparision
Lapping Film from MCP 48                    Lapping Film from
          and UNI-60 Fixture Plate.
             circular polishing machine.

Pneumatic Air Pressure System

Our 3-way Pneumatic Air Pressure System allows the fixture plate to be set to Zero weight before applying downward polishing pressure.

This gives the user the ability to polish 4 to 60 connectors with repeatable performance and never compromise quality.


Exclusive Perfect Figure 8 Polishing Pattern

   · Reduce consumables cost
   · Increase Production
   · Repeatable performance

3 Way ZERO GRAVITY Pneumatic Air Pressure Control System

Quickload Universal Polishing Plate™

   · Polish FC / SC / ST / ESCON / FDDI Connectors with one plate.
   · APC & Custom plates available.
   · Polish 4 to 60 connectors at a time.

Polish 2500+ connectors to Bell Core specs per day, consistently with two fixtures.

Radius of Curvature: 
Apex Offset:
Undercut / Protrusion: 


7-30 MM
< 50uM
< 50Nm



Max Connector Load:

61 lbs. (27.7 Kilograms)
15”W x 21.5"L x 15"H