If you're on a budget and need a high quality polisher, the MCP 12 is made for you.

The MCP 12 is incredibly easy to use with a very small learning curve so you won't lose valuable production time. With exclusive figure 8 polishing, universal fixture plates, and low consumable costs this machine will quickly become an asset to your company.

MCP 12 - mass Connector Polisher
Figure 8 polishing pattern

Figure 8 Polishing:

The MCP line of polishers are built around a patented design that polishes connectors in a figure 8 pattern. The figure 8 polishing pattern creates an angle of attack on the connector end face that changes 720 degrees 60 times a second giving optimal connector end face geometry.

Universal Fixture Plate:

The Universal Polishing Plate is one of the best fixture plates on the market today. With this single fixture alone you can polish FC, SC,ST, ESCON, FDDI, DIN, and most 2.5mm ferrule connectors.

This fixture plate utilizes a Quickload design to make loading connectors into the plate a snap and easy to accomplish.

UNI Fixture Plates also keep your consumable costs down by utilizing the entire surface of the lapping film. With circular polishers up to 40% of the lapping film is wasted.

The UNI Fixture Plates are easy to use and are very low in maintenance. These fixture plates require no calibration and are ready to go out of the box.

Universal Polishing Fixture
MCP 12 Fixture Plate

Polishing film comparision
Lapping Film from MCP 12                    Lapping Film from
   and UNI-12 Fixture Plate.
             circular polishing machine.


Exclusive Figure 8 Polishing Pattern

   · Reduce consumables cost
   · Increase Production
   · Repeatable performance

Pneumatic Pressure Control

Quickload Universal Polishing Plate™

   · Polish FC / SC / ST / ESCON / FDDI Connectors with one plate.
   · APC & Custom plates available.
   · Polish 3 to 12 connectors at a time.

Polish 1000+ connectors to Bell Core specs per day, consistently with two fixtures.

Radius of Curvature: 
Apex Offset:
Undercut / Protrusion: 


7-30 MM
< 50uM
< 50Nm



Max Connector Load:

21.5 lbs. (9.6 Kilograms)
11.5”W x 12"L x 6"H