ACP 24 Automated Connector Polisher
Introducing the
ACP 24
Automated Connector Polisher
with Touchscreen Technology
& ASR Automated Stub Removal

With the ACP24 you can now automate polishing times, pressure, & motor speeds for each step. Complete polishing procedures are stored inside of the ACP24 to save time and ensure repeatability. Create, save, and recall custom polishing procedures for custom jobs. Polishing Procedures can be saved to a computer for easy back up or for transferring to another ACP24.

The ACP24 utilizes our patented figure 8 polishing pattern that’s
found in all our MCP line of polishers and is compatible with all MCP24 polishing fixtures.

The ACP24 includes the ASR System for automated stub removal. No more removing fiber stubs by hand. ASR works with Nanometer Tech's polishing fixtures reducing the need to purchase special fixture plates.

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